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Indigenous Mining & Energy Consultants NT Pty Ltd



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Indigenous Mining & Energy Consultants NT Pty Ltd (IMECNT) is an Indigenous owned and managed enterprise that provides consultancy and construction services to the private and public sectors across northern Australia. The organisation specialises in Project Management, Surveying, Civil, Structural, Hydraulic, and Environmental Engineering, and offers turnkey construction of small through to larger civil projects.
The IMECNT team’s extensive range of experience in both the consulting and construction industries enables the team to accomplish its objective of maintaining a collaborative approach with our clients to deliver a broad range of specialist services to achieve the balance required between cost, functionality and design. The IMECNT team has over 200 year’s local experience in the NT and has a reputation for successfully operating in
culturally, politically and environmentally sensitive areas in logistically challenging regions of the Northern Australia.
IMECNT personnel brings work in on time and on budget without compromising quality or safety.
Founder, Managing Director and Indigenous Australian, Mark Moodie’s vision in establishing IMECNT in early 2019 was not only to form a quality team of highly experienced and motivated professionals, with a broad range of experience, but to provide an alternative pathway for young local and Indigenous Territorians to enter the Mining, Energy and Construction Industries. IMECNT is committed, through Mark’s “Advancement through Technology” initiative, to providing training, mentoring and meaningful employment leading to long term industry retention of local and Indigenous people of the Northern Territory.
IMECNT is a registered Indigenous Company, federally through Supply Nation and in the Northern Territory through Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network (NTIBN).

Market Sectors

IMECNT is a relatively new entity, the company being established in early 2019. However, the company boasts a highly experience Senior Management team with over 200 years’ experience in the consulting industry, the majority of which was in the Northern Territory. Our team have serviced a wide range of sectors both in consultancy services and construction management including but not limited to the following:

  • Mining Sector including both development and operations (above ground and underground

  • Major Government Projects for Local, State, Territory and Federal governments

  • The private sector including Architects and Developers

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Remote Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure

  • Defence Sector

  • International Aid Organisations

Indigenous Training and Employment

A core component of IMECNT’s vision is to provide young Indigenous Australians the opportunity to obtain meaningful and sustainable employment. Having worked extensively throughout the NT Mark Moodie (MD), along with Senior Management, have seen the very narrow avenue of opportunity afforded to Indigenous Territorians. Mark has a driving passion to broaden those avenues, through technology, and to give the young people who want “to have a go” the opportunity to do so. The “Advancement through Technology” initiative was born from this passion, and is gaining support with Industry, Government and Indigenous Organisations such as Ironbark.During the past five years there has been exponential advancement of technology in our industry, particularly in the areas of surveying/data acquisition and machine guidance. This advancement has also coincided with the ever-growing difficulty in getting “qualified” people to come to the NT. IMECNT strongly believes that the solution lays in appropriate training and on-site mentoring of young Indigenous Territorians in the use of these advanced technologies/equipment, in particular drones/UAVs.“Advancement through Technology” offers young Indigenous Australians the opportunity to become involved in these Industries at a higher technical level that generally offer higher pay rates and which would not be available otherwise. Experience has shown us that this advanced technology/equipment, in particular drones/UAVs, resonates with young Indigenous people.The use of these technologies, particularly Drone/UAV, is widespread - environmental, archaeological, agricultural, surveillance, heritage, film - the list is endless, thus giving our trained people the independence to follow their dreams and aspirations.IMECNT’s Senior Management have significant experience in Indigenous participation through being directly involved in employing, training and mentoring Indigenous people throughout their careers.

Project Management

Our team have extensive experience in managing both the design and construction of projects. Our project managers are accredited with the national body. Our experienced team have developed relationships with reliable and “best in the business” specialist sub-consultants ensuring the Client is delivered the best possible team to meet objectives. This includes, at times, engaging highly experienced outside consultants – our approach is to ensure we have THE BEST team for the project.

Surveying Services

IMECNT has an experienced Engineering and Licensed Survey Division with an enviable track record of providing exceptional surveying services, both in the field and office. Our survey teams couple experience with cutting edge technology including 3D Laser Scanning, machine guidance, and UAV LiDAR. To deliver projects on time, on budget without compromising quality or safety.

Civil Engineering

IMECNT’s Civil Engineering team have worked on and managed the design of major infrastructure across all sectors. Our team have a track record with the NT Government of developing complex projects from inception with a specialty of developing scopes for projects. Our team understands that different clients have different drivers and criteria when measuring the success of an individual project. These may include various different success criteria as listed below:

  • Cost

  • Program and deadlines

  • Safety

  • Environmental outcomes

  • HR outcomes

  • Indigenous Employment & Training

  • Matching design to the skills of the workforce

  • Matching design to available plant

  • Functionality

  • Public Relations

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Political and public opinions

With this in mind our team work to engage with our clients, commencing at tender phase to define “what it is that the client sees as important to them”.

Construction Management

Our construction management and procurement team have access to an extremely broad base of contractors. With the team’s experience in the local industry WE KNOW the capability of various contractors and the suitability of contractors to undertake tasks required. As such we approach only those contractors who have the capacity, plant, skills and experience to undertake those tasks.
Our construction management team have real construction experience from the ground up. We have expertise in contract administration, and our team are regularly engaged by industry to prepare actual tenders for contractors; as such our team can provide detailed cost estimates to our clients that are based on the actual first principals and experience.
With combined skills and knowledge experience spanning over 200 years, the IMECNT team prides themselves on their practical, up-to-date solutions and a thorough, helpful approach to civil contract management.

Road Safety Auditing

Our road safety auditing team have the most experienced RSA team in the Northern Territory with well in excess of 100 audits completed from Stage 1 audits through detailed Stage 6 audits. Our team can combine road safety auditing with preparation of Black Spot funding applications to source both Federal and Territory Government funding.

Drone and UAV Services

IMECNT personnel have been working with drones since 2012. We have CASA certified pilots with extensive flying time and we offer both Photogrammetric and LiDAR data solutions.
Previous Photogrammetry projects included end of month volumes, asset management (including inspection of major infrastructure - bridges, roads, radio antenna), building and plant layouts, safety evacuation plans, topographical surveys for road alignment planning and design and site monitoring.
Our UAV LiDAR units are low altitude drones with vertical takeoff capability. The smart laser can detect and range 5 items in one pulse at a rate of 100,000 pulses per second ensuring we produce an accurate survey of the surface terrain as well as surface features including infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airstrips, rail lines, surface pipelines, power lines, buildings and vegetation. The UAV technology allows us to build 25mm accurate terrain models over places people simply cannot go and through canopy coverage that is too thick for photogrammetry. UAV LiDAR technology allows the safe and accurate survey of hazardous environment such as blasting zones, mine pits, flood plains and mangroves, and unstable ground or densely vegetated ground.
Drone/UAV technology has proven a very successful and useful tool in Project Management and Supervision. It can deliver a real time or same day overall perspective of a site to Management whether they be on-site or 1000s of kilometers away.
Drone/UAV technology in comparison with traditional survey methodology also delivers economically with time savings averaging around 50% and budget savings of >25%. The use of this technology leads to no loss in production where traditionally work stops for this data collection.

Vehicle Mounted MLS LiDAR Scanner

The latest advanced technology to complement IMECNT’s equipment armoury is the CORRIDOR.AI mobile laser and imagery capture solution.  This system includes LiDAR scanning constrained by PPK GNSS processing as well as integrated GO PRO imagery. The MLS scanning will be used efficiently to capture survey data suitable for the creation of a surface model for road design.  This system produces accuracies which fall well within classification C as defined in the NT Government engineering survey specifications.

The CORRIDOR.AI MLS system incorporates an independent quad constellation GNSS static receiver that is used by IMECNT surveyors. The static observations are post processed by independent software so that IMECNT surveyors can then quantify the accuracy of system and the deliverable surface model


Terrestrial (Static) 3D Laser Scanner

IMECNT also has an extensive and experienced Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning capability, ideal for collecting large amounts of data quickly, accurately and safely in hard to reach, restricted, hazardous and other complex areas, across all industries. 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) & Potholing

IMECNT has the capacity to undertake underground service location using its own Mala GPR System. IMECNT is currently evaluating a larger scale vehicle mounted GPR system (IDS GeoRadar) and UAV (drone) based system (DJI Matrice 600 Pro Drone Cobra GPR). A Vacuum-truck potholing service is also available.

UAV (Drone) LiDAR/Imagery + Mobile Laser Technologies + Experience = <Time + <Money + >SAFETY


Previous Clients

Previous clients that members of the IMECNT team have worked with cover all sectors of industry.  The clients include but are not limited to the following:

Project  Managers & Contractors

Bechtel (Australia)                              Monadelphous                                   Rio Tinto

Broad Construction                             McMahons                                         NGARDA                               

John Holland                                       JJ McDonalds                                    BMD                           

Lend Lease                                         Ventia                                                 Fluor Daniels

RamHire                                              Halliburton                                          Lend Lease

KBR                                                    CIMIC Group                                      AEM

Leightons                                            Henry & Walker                                  Exact Contracting Pty Ltd

JKC                                                     DAC                                                    Allan King & Son


Local Government

Darwin City Council                            Roper Gulf Regional Council             Alice Springs Council

Barkly Shire Regional Council            Litchfield Council                               City of Palmerston

City of Darwin                                     East Arnhem Regional Council          West Arnhem Regional Council

Tiwi Islands Regional Council            Kalkadoon Corporation –Mt Isa


Origin Energy                                      GBS Gold Australia                            ERA (Energy Resources of Aust)

Australian Abrasive Minerals              Newmont Tanami                                BHP

McArthur River Mining                        Xtrata                                                  Gemco                                   

Oriental Mineral Holdings                   South 32                                             Tellus

Matilda Minerals                                  Frances Creek                                   Western Desert Resources

Kimberley Nickel                                            



SLR Consulting                                   GHD                                                    SMEC                 

ICN NT                                                Gabbert Design                                  DKJ Architects

Government Departments

Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Logistics                     Department of Housing

Department of Defence                                                                Parks Australia North

Land Councils

Northern Land Council                                                                 Central Land Council

Foreign Aid

JIKA (Japanese Foreign Aid)                                                       DFID (UK Dept for Int Development)

United Nations                                                                             AusAID (Australian Foreign Aid)

USAID (US Agency for International Development)                    Save the Children – NGO

World Bank                                                                                  Asian Development Bank

Indigenous Corporations

Thamarrurr Development Corp – Wadeye                                   Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corp – Katherine

Larrakia Development Corporation Pty Ltd                                  TIWI Enterprises Pty Ltd

Kalkadoon Corporation –Mt Isa

Key Personnel

Key Personnel

Mark Moodie
Managing Director / Senior Consultant
Adrian White
Project Manager / Senior Engineer
Joe O'Donovan
Director / Senior Surveyor
Scott Walter
Project Manager / Civil Designer
Peter Chapman
Director / Senior Consultant



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please email: or fill out the following form

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Head Office

Level 1, 

Paspalis Centrepoint

48-50 Smith Street

Darwin NT 0800

Tel: 0429 967 485 

Postal Address: 

GPO Box 4816

Darwin NT 0801

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