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Peter Chapman                            Curriculum Vitae



Address:                             Alice Springs, NT, Australia 

DOB:                                   26th October, 1949

Current position:                 Director / Senior Consultant

Citizenship:                         Australian


Particular skills and expertise include:

  • Extensive practical knowledge of heavy earth-moving equipment, off-road haulers and conventional trucks

  • Sound mechanical knowledge of earth-moving equipment and maintenance support requirements

  • Experienced with explosives, concrete, bitumen sealing, pavement design and rehabilitation, hydrology and drainage, and civil engineering design requirements for road projects.

  • Extensive civil experience in highway and rural road construction, airstrips, resource access roads, residential sub- divisions, production well pads & access roads, hydrology and storm water drainage, gas & steam gathering systems, dams & irrigation channels, soil stabilization, road construction over wetlands, road construction in mountain areas, barge landing design and construction, and trim blasting.

  • Comprehensive experience with selecting the appropriate technology for the task, and training of national engineers, superintendents and supervisors

  • Remote Area Operations–Planning mobilization, construction camp installation, project start-up, construction management

  • Familiarity with both the cultural and commercial procedures of Indonesia, with a sound comprehension of the Indonesian language and business procedures

  • Ability to adapt rapidly to new problem solving requirements and new locations

  • Proven leadership and human management skills with indigenous peoples

  • Champions the development of company activities that enhance motivation of all employees

  • Broad experience with training and coaching design professionals from Indonesia in ASTM, AS and BS Standards, with focus on international presentation requirements.

August ‘18 to

September ‘18

Rawson Oil and Gas


Wellsite Civil Coordinator

Organise the development of project drawings including associated equipment and facilities.

Organise procurement of key wellsite facilities Conductor, Cellar, VSP pit

Develop specifications, scope of work, cost estimate and tender documents for public tender.

October ‘16 to

July ‘18

Remote Area Machinery Hire Pty Ltd

Project Manager

Manage the construction and project administration for road construction projects in the range of 3M to 5M. Grow the business from rural road construction to capital works projects.

Introduce and implement an effective cost control process. Implement policy and procedures to assist with company growth.

Manage all contractual issues, tender estimating and Project Management for Ramhire capital works projects.

Nov ’12 to Sep ‘16

Azimuth Infrastructure Engineering Pty Ltd.

Project Manager

Private Land Development

Develop and lodge applications for the subdivision of land in accordance with the NT Planning Scheme. Includes, Ringwood Road Section 169, Southport proposed subdivision expansion, Section 764 Hundred of Cavanagh, and Lot 10 Hundred of Strangways. Design and Project Manage the sub division and construction of Section 764 on behalf of the Owner

East Arm & Francis Bay

Develop preliminary drawings and construction cost estimates for the future expansion of Paspaley work boat repair and maintenance facilities at Francis Bay. Preliminary drawings for the construction of a tug boat pen and wharf at East Arm.

Apr ’06 to Nov ‘12

PT. Rayhan Technical Services, Indonesia

Project Manager

Wellsite and Access Road Construction, Salawati Island, West Papua

Organise geotechnical investigation and topographic survey for the

proposed BLL#A and BLL#B1 wellsites and access road for MontD’Or Salawati Ltd. Compile civil construction scope of work, order of magnitude cost estimate, and conceptual construction schedule.

Construction of Coal Haul Road, Jambi, Sumatera

Topographic survey 12 KM section of the proposed coal haul road for ATLAS Resources, development of long/cross section drawings, and compilation of civil scope of work for construction.

Conversion of 131 KM LIDAR survey data into long/cross section drawings in CAD format.

Reconstruction assessment for the Nomad Road, Papua New Guinea Investigate and assess the key difficulties and constraints reconstructing the existing 50 KM Nomad Road from Drimdemasuk to Strickland River. Perform geotechnical field DCP and Vane shear tests, develop road upgrade construction method / scope of work, construction cost estimates, heavy equipment selection and conceptual construction schedule.

Coal Haul Road Construction, Kandui, Central Kalimantan

Topographic survey for the proposed 40 KM coal haul road for Sembawang Enc, Develop long / cross section drawings, project management services for the construction of the coal haul road, engineering design and calculations for the coal barge loading facility.

Wellsite and Access Road Construction, South Barito, Central Kalimantan

Geotechnical Investigation, civil design and engineering services for the construction of Murphy (USA) South Barito, proposed Kahuripan-1 wellsite. Cadastral survey for land acquisition purposes, design of rig foundation frame and well pad, compile civil scope of work, construction cost estimate, and conceptual construction schedule. Advise the Client during the civil construction tender evaluation process, supervise construction.

Wellsite and Access Road Construction, Luwe Hulu Central Kalimantan

Topographic survey of the proposed SL-1 and Jupoi B for Salamander Energy Ltd, topographic survey for the proposed Luwe Hulu Staging Area, development of all wellsites and road drawings, engineering design and calculations of the SL-1 and Luwe Hulu Helipads, storage area, portable ramps, and other supporting facilities. Compilation of civil scope of work, construction cost estimate, and conceptual construction schedule for tender purposes.

Wellsite and Access Road Construction, Lubuk Tutung, East Kalimantan

Topographic survey of TA-3 Wellsite and access road, develop long and

cross section drawings, engineering design of well pad and rig sub-base foundation, engineering design and drawings for wellsite rig layout.

Apr ’06 to Nov ‘12


Wellsites and Access Roads Construction, Bintuni West Papua

Geotechnical investigation, civil engineering and design services for the construction of ASAP 2X, ASAP 3X wellsites including access road construction, development of location maps and construction drawings for Genting Oil. Topographic survey and development of CAD drawings for the proposed Rajawali 1X and Foroda 1X wellsites and access roads.

Mining Camp Construction, Sebamban South Kalimantan

Engineering design and drawings for the construction of 300-man capacity steel framed mine camps for TIA Mining. Materials take off for the exterior and interior of the camps, and compile construction cost estimates, recommend construction crew manning levels and supervise the construction of the camps.

Coal Deposits Investigation at the Nakabes Block, West Papua

Field survey and mapping activities for coal deposits investigation at the Nakabes Block West Papua for Far East Resources. Acquired information regarding trip trails, terrain conditions and outcrops information. Laboratory testing of coal seams and interpretation of geological condition, recommendations to Client of the potential drilling locations.

Reconstruction of the 167 KM of Muara Wahau Public Road, East Kalimantan

Road reconnaissance of the 167 KM of Muara Wahau Public Road for Middle East Coal (MEC), engineering design and drawings for the road upgrade construction, materials quantity take off, order of magnitude construction cost estimates and conceptual construction schedule, and compilation of civil scope of work for construction.

Engineering design and drawings for the reconstruction and extension of the existing Sangkimah Airstrip, construction cost estimates, and conceptual construction schedule.

Civil Engineering and Design Services for the Tately NV. Budi-2 and Budi-3 Wellsites Construction, Palmerah PSC, Sumatera

Design drawings of the Budi-2 and Budi-3 proposed wellsites and supporting facilities based on Client provided topographic survey data, Construction cost estimates and equipment selection list to perform the construction activities, compilation of conceptual construction schedule. Engineering design and cost estimates for the construction of a Steel Girder bridge and Geobag causeway as river crossing options. Provide the Client with civil engineering advice to best construct the wellsites and access roads at lowest cost.

Apr ’06 to Nov ‘12


Construction of Pasundan-1 Wellsite and Access Road Jonggol West, Java.

Topographic survey of the proposed Pasundan-1 wellsite and access road for BPREC, design of wellpad and rig foundation, design of the access road alignment, material quantity takeoffs for the wellsite and access road cut/fill volumes, field supervision and monitoring of civil contractor performance during the wellsite and access road construction activities, design. Supervised the construction of Bailey Bridge over the Cihoe River, Design and supervised the construction of geosynthetic type retaining walls.

Carry out wellsite development activities at scheduled wellsites at Banyuasin and Lahat, South Sumatra

Topographic survey of access roads and wellsites and Design of access roads from the existing roads to the wellsites and design of wellsites. These design services consisted of: ■ Design of wellsites with respect to compaction of surface material to achieve an impermeable layer and determining required slope for drainage ■ Soil investigation services ■ Design of bridges and reinforcement of existing bridges ■ Hydrology and drainage design ■ Geometric alignment design ■ Compile methods statements ■ Earthworks design and quantities ■ Road surface/pavement design ■ Recommended heavy equipment requirements ■ Construction cost estimates ■ Civil assets maintenance plan:  Advised CLIENTS [WORLEYPARSONS,   SERICA ENERGY  and  BMIC

APEC] of maintenance requirements to keep the access road and wellsite open for movement of vehicles and equipment during drilling operations

■  Final report with drawings, road and location contour maps■ Make available on an “as needed” basis at an additional day rate charge: Civil project management and contract supervision–Engineering design of bridges–Details such as sump pits, cellars, design of high load bearing capacity areas and other drilling support details.

Organize and manage field operations at various sites throughout Bula, Seram Island, Maluku Civil Engineering components of facilities construction at CITIC/KUFPEC lease including Field Facility, Main Production Facility, Jetty / Export facility and associated power lines, flow lines from wells, trunk line and export lines. Performed numerous contracts for construction and maintenance of access road network and wellsites for the EPCI Contractor and Drilling contractors to all wells and facilities. Engineering Services include mine, crush and delivery of quarry products; reinforced and pre-cast concrete; culverts, drainage and bridge construction; supply, manage and maintain of heavy equipment; design,

fabricate and install steel structures; and retaining walls.

Oct ’98 to Apr ’06

PT. Abdi Sarana Nusa, Indonesia

Construction of civil Infrastructure to support Oil Exploration and Production project in Seram Island, East Indonesia

Construction Manager

Road construction; Wellsite and Cellar construction with live wells containing H2S; Bridge construction; Organize the spare parts, servicing, repairs, and utilization of 230 items of heavy equipment; Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly reports; Assist mining clients with conceptual design of mine plans; Implementation of mining plans; Install and operate two 180 tonne/hr. jaw & cone crushers; Construct a cargo jetty.

Pile columns, and tie backs, with plate steel panels; Design and construct low cost barge landings; Organize data collection of local topography, Define water constraints, requirements and quality, estimate the cost of surface development including clearing and grubbing, stockpiling of topsoil’s for rehabilitation and conservation requirements.

Jan ’95 to Oct ’98

PT. Peter Kiewit & Sons International, Indonesia Civil Construction Supervisor

Supervise the construction of the Right of Way for the geothermal gathering system field at Dieng, Central Java.

Construct the earthworks component of a planned 21km geothermal gathering system including production well pads and access roads. Select and organize National Superintendents, Supervisors and Admin Staff. Select appropriate equipment and Sub-contractors, advise senior management of the best tactics to deal with local community issues that impact the project schedule.

Jan ’91 to Dec ’94

P.P.I. Pty Ltd, Darwin, Australia Construction Manager

Estimate, bid, then manage road projects awarded in the Central Australia region.

Stuart Highway 130 Km South Alice Springs; Widening of existing cut batters, and road embankment to the national highway standard, 80 Km in length. Reconstruction of the Victoria Highway at Timber Creek for the NT Construction Agency. Project included the stabilization of pavements,

chip sealing, and installation of large culverts.

Sep ’88 to Jan ’91

Belcott Technical Services Pty Ltd & Matchplay Engineering Services Pty Ltd Construction Manager & Technical Adviser

Indonesia: Widening and reconstruction of 210Km of Provincial roads through mountainous terrain prone to landslips and other geological constraints. Project financed by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. One- site training of local engineers, supervisors, and equipment operators was a crucial component of this project to raise skill levels of local workforce that lives in the area. Inspecting workmanship, planning, programming, and assuring the client of reporting accuracy.

Australia: Widening 40 Km of Stuart Highway near Erldunda and reconstruction of 40 Km of Earnest Giles Road, South of Alice Springs for PMT Partners Pty Ltd; Construction of rural airstrip at Kings Canyon Resort.

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